Funeral Package  Malaysia

Funeral Package Malaysia

About Our Packages 

KL Funeral Service offers you the best funeral package Malaysia. We are here to mitigate your hassle during your toughest time of losing your loved ones. Therefore, we have made a predefined funeral packages for all of the religions. Our services are economical and have all the major traditional setups for all religious funerals. We have got you covered in cremation or burial arrangements at any possible location.

It does not matter whether you are a Buddhist or Christian or you believe in cremation or burial, we allow customization for the packages that may cover all your needs. Most importantly is to make sure the deceased has a well deserved respectful farewell with sincere wishes and prayers for the next life.

Our Funeral Services

Our Funeral Services

Buddhist Funeral Service 

You may expect to have the following basic services included in our package. However, you may request for  amendment to the ceremony based on your specific religious traditions.

Our package includes:

  • Arranging a large hall for the funeral ceremony
  • Preparing the large space at home for funeral services
  • Arranging the supervisor monks for the prayers, rites and recitation. 
  • Providing the embalming and cremation services
  • Setting up altar or canopy
  • Sound and light adjustments 
  • Aftercare services

Christian Funeral Service

Same to this service which we welcome all to make amendment or customization for the ceremony based on special traditions your family wish to follow.

Our package includes:

  • Arranging a Church or memorial hall for the funeral
  • Setting up the burial or the cremation setup
  • Arranging floral adjustments for the funeral ceremony
  • Preparing the coffins, caskets and other necessities
  • Preparing altar, canopy and the big crosses
  • Preparing for the memorial books and the memorial farewell speeches and eulogies
  • Setting up aftercare services

We can customize or amend our packages based on your family tradition and preference. KL Funeral Service is here to deliver a perfect funeral ceremony for the deceased. Please do not hesitate to contact our expert team on any request.

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Buddhist Funeral Package

Price Starting from RM8,800

Christian Funeral Package

Price Starting from RM6,800

Funeral Packages Malaysia
Funeral Packages

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